Thursday, June 23, 2011

New words

Ode says the following stuff..

For Eyebrow he says = eyeBOW
Noise he says = NOI
all right! he says = all righT!!!!
Nose he says = french fry.. er he says it more like fra fry! (he thinks this is HILARIOUS)
sit = sh!t
elmo = MO!!
door = doi
Daddy = Da
Mommy = Ma
Grandma = Ma also
pretty flowers = priy fowers
dog = ruff ruff
train = woo woo
up = up
more = mowa
no = NO! (with a jump for emphasis)
If he doesnt feel too strongly about it, like he's getting full and doesn't want anymore grapes.. no = no?? (with a question at the end)
Hello = hello??? hello?? hello??!!
love you = wuf ooh
i can do it = i do it
turn the light on = yite on!!
turn the light off = yite on!
outside = ah side
plane = ohhhh wooowwww
yoghurt = oh boyy! yeahh!

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