Thursday, June 23, 2011

despite my best intentions

im NOT wearing make up today
I did NOT get up at 5am and do yoga and water the vegetable garden, and have quite time
I am NOT dressed cute at work
my desk Is NOT clean
The garage room is NOT cleaned out and organized
I have NOT paid my late fines at the library for two weeks!
I still watch TV
I ate a bunch of garbage they brought into work today ON TOP of my veggies
my car is not steam cleaned and detailed as Id planned
I did NOT do art last night
I have not STARTED on a project thats due tomorrow
I did not practise SUPREME focus today
I DID NOT practice tolerance, and held angry thoughts in my heart for loud annoying people who need too much attention
I considered driving off from work without telling a soul..
I have not ever done this but fantasize about it frequently..

I drive off BEFORE noon, stop at a gas station on the way home, buy a lotto ticket on the way home, WIN, go and pick up Chris and the kids.. and never look back.
Go live in NEW MEXICO desert in an earthship (google it) with an organic garden, goats, tons of land, a studio, never wear shoes, drink limonata (thanks for introducing me to this Lisa! hee hee nothing else tastes NEAR as good!) take pictures (with my really good camera), work the land and earthship, create an art installation in the hills behind our place, and "find" myself.
that would be pretty snazzy
it changes all the time
If its been cold out I dream of new mexico
If its been hot out Alaska or Montana
ha ha

I would post a big sign at the drive to our property that says "no attention wh&res allowed"
ha ha ha ha!
okay i wouldnt really
but that was funny

What did I do?
I did a LOT of work,
I helped a lot of people that i didnt HAVE to
I kissed the baby on the head and blew him kisses goodbye
I told my husband i loved him
I ate my veggies
at least my shoes are fancy!
My hair is clean, and I smell good (thanks to "Juliet has a gun" MMMmmm.. smells good)
I read a little bit of john o donahue on my lunch break.. good stuff! my cousin had him on her blog!!
I felt inspired
I let like three people in front of me on the way to work.
I ate yoghurt for lunch.. probiotics are good for you!
I drank water


over and out

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