Monday, April 18, 2011

creeping in the backdoor..

funny how media creeps into our lives in REAL land from screen, or channel, or paper land. some examples

  • everyone at work says "what the dooce?" I have wondered where the heck this came from.. and last night I was watching family guy, and stewy, the weird english accented baby.. says "what the dooce?"

  • all this past weekend, Chris's response to all of my questions, or comments was "Remember schools for learning not for a fashion show" (this gets a little annoying after a while.)

  • there's a local Insurance salesmans (UBER Weird) commercial.. where it shows these sort of geeky guys doing videos for a dating service.. this one guy says "No nosepickers, no dopers, no smokers, no posers, no fatty's, no hamsters, (and MY FAVORITE - though I dont know what it means) No Donna Juanita's"

my favorite quote of the week! - go to youTube and search vern fonk dating commercials.. FREAKING HILARIOUS (and no hamsters?!!! what the?)

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