Monday, April 18, 2011

creeping in the backdoor..

funny how media creeps into our lives in REAL land from screen, or channel, or paper land. some examples

  • everyone at work says "what the dooce?" I have wondered where the heck this came from.. and last night I was watching family guy, and stewy, the weird english accented baby.. says "what the dooce?"

  • all this past weekend, Chris's response to all of my questions, or comments was "Remember schools for learning not for a fashion show" (this gets a little annoying after a while.)

  • there's a local Insurance salesmans (UBER Weird) commercial.. where it shows these sort of geeky guys doing videos for a dating service.. this one guy says "No nosepickers, no dopers, no smokers, no posers, no fatty's, no hamsters, (and MY FAVORITE - though I dont know what it means) No Donna Juanita's"

my favorite quote of the week! - go to youTube and search vern fonk dating commercials.. FREAKING HILARIOUS (and no hamsters?!!! what the?)

Tales of Odin

I had a Paradigm shift this weekend i had told Chris to sleep in, I'd handle Ode myself.. then i decided on some deep house cleaning, i tried to do it w Ode in the playpen.. and he was mad.. so i was gonna postpone my cleaning til after Chris woke up.. but then i decided to see if Ode would have the attention span YET to "help" at all... so i let him out of his playpen, gave him a mop with a dry head on it, and cheered him on while he HELPED me..He is an awesome duster! ha ha ha.. it helps of course that the duster is this crazy turquoise Fuzzy stick thing.. He took his work very seriously, tongue sticking out the side of his mouth..and i would point out spots he missed, and he would go at them with great fervor..then i would say Ohhhh nice job dude!! that looks SO good! and he'd drop the duster and clap for himself and scream YaYYY! freaking hilarious. I LOVE too.. that I can enlist his help instead of trying to clean AND entertain him/keep him out of trouble. He also figured out this weekend how to use a fork to actually pick stuff up. I just love the look on his face.. like.. Oh my GOD!!! THAT is what this thing DOES!! I AM A GENIUS! He discovered headphones.. also a MIRACULOUS discovery "whooooa!!" he says his eyes light up, he does a little dance, then takes the headphone out of his ear, squints and looks into it..pts it back up to his ear.. whoaaa.. Saturday morning was beautiful, sunny, glorious day We went to the grocery store early.. then decided last minute to go through the car wash.. BAD IDEA usually I do the car wash after work, NOT with Ode in the car we get in there.. and we're talking away.. Odes in the backseat holding his new easter bunny he got at the grocery store The brushes start going over the car and i look back there, trying to be nonchalant, because as soon as the machine started it occured to me this might not go well (you think?) Odes sitting there, playing w the rabbit, and looking out the window.. slowly his smile turns to a frown he looks a little nervous I try to distract him "Hey buddy look at mama! we're at the carwash! cool!" he does okay until the giant BOOM brush drops down over the hood, making a huge roar! (oh $@&!) I think to myself the boom brush makes contact with the hood, making the car a giant hairy blue and red spinning monster poor Ode loses his mind.. holding his easter bunny over his face and screaming. We cant drive out of the car wash, we're pinned in!!!!!!!! i totally would have driven out MID-Wash if it was possible a clean car is totally not worth a traumatized kid.. anyways we made it through the house of horrors that is the car wash with mom and dad almost as traumatized as the kid Wow who knew that you could make such an INTENSLY bad decision on a sunny saturday morning, leaving the supermarket!? Ode is starting to put words together he very much LOVES outside AHSide!! he shrieks! yesterday he was trying to tell me he wanted to go outside.. and i was playing dumb.. finally he says.. SHOES!!! bye bye!! Ahside!! Ahside!! bye bye! shoes! shoes! shoes!! i couldn't ignore this earnest attempt at expressing in language as opposed to pointing, whining exactly what he wanted.. He wanted to go byebye, outside.. and knew he needed his shoes on to do it. i repeated back to him what i thought he was saying.. and he yelled YAY!! (he is probably thinking.. geesh my Mom is slow on the pickup!! how many times/ways do I have to say it!!?) Ahside! its so amazing to watch him learn to do things for the first time