Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I went for a walk today in the glory sunSHINE

Whats that giant white orb in the sky?
Squinting, the soggy FOLK look skyward..
their pasty skin flushing at the sight of it


the sun came out today!!!!!
weeping and relief ENSUES
This has been the darkest wetest fall/winter in a while
I celebrated by walking at one of my favorite spots,
the spot gives me the creeps to walk in the dark and the rain
so to have the sun on my face was VUNDERBAR

see pics here: @ the mobile blog.. ChixSherpa2Go

Thursday, January 6, 2011

looking back

1 year old .. 6 months ago


At work today i came across this picture of Ode from May of last year, not quite 1 years old.. I cannot believe how much he has grown since, and much more of a "kid" he seems.

What the heck is going on?

So it started with the blackbirds in beebee arkansas on dec 31st.. and its just gone form there.
End of the world?
Late results of the oil spill?
SOme weird gases coming out of the earths crust?
clicky below
i dont buy cold weather - cold weather has been colder in other years.
fireworks (?) caused 4,000 birds to become disoriented and run into something so hard they die,
all the same way?
at the same time?
some folks say its just because the internet allows people to draw connections where there arent any, but this isnt the first year the internet was around..
not sure about 2012 - i guess i always figured the mayans just got sick of making calendars for years they wouldnt be around anyways..
maybe someone is just trying to work everyone into a froth so they are more likely to do something/buy something/or follow someone ? (thats me, always take the paranoid path!)


i dont really buy the "its natural, and the timings a coincedence" i think something is wrong
just not sure what

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Have you ever been Mellow?

Have you ever been mellow?
have you ever tri - ahh hied!!?? (tried)
to find a comfort from insi - ahh hied!!!!! (inside)
Have you ever been happy?
Just to hear your so - ahh - ong!!!? (song)
Have you ever let someone else be stroooong!!!? (strong)
Lyrics from an Olivia Newton John song from the late 70s which just popped into my head.
god no wonder my brother and i are warped. this song makes no sense whatsoever.
this song is now stuck in your head for the remainder of the day (mwahahaha)
mental elevator music
Olivia Newton John songs are
as sticky in the head as ABBA songs
you are welcome. :)

Deep thoughts from the road

This truck was in front of me yesterday. I got so bored with sitting there going ZERO miles per hour, i took a picture. (in case youre thinking, all the other lanes are empty! why didnt you go around!!? - Im waiting to get on 405 - the other lanes go to Renton or Seattle)
I started wondering, If OUR Christmas was any indication, and the trash that follows Christmas Day package explosion, times how many households that celebrated Christmas in the United States this many of these trucks were filled from ONE DAY?
Maybe next year I should plan, and wrap everything in fabric, or reusable bags or ANYTHING would be better than this. I bet if I started sewing now, gift bags, from fabric already around the house, i MIGHT be ready for next year.
Why just the other night, Cameron asked me to whip up a chalk bag for his rock climbing deal the next day. We looked through my pile of fabric, and found nothing substantially COOL enough for a 22 year old guy, I have a lot of flowered stuff, and stuff with hearts on it, and even the tye die stuff is kinda grily colors.. then he had an idea, and found his favorite T Shirt, which now has a hole on the left side... we carefully cut out the screen print, which is the part he loves, and re-purposed it into a ROCKING chalk bag!
now, Im not good at sewing, and having someone stare at you while you sew is equivalent to having someone stare at you while you type.. (which I also suck at) so it was a little unnerving,
having the guy stare over my shoulder while I careully dismantled his very favorite tshirt of all time.
but it all ended well.
Chalk bag was finished, w a zig zag stitch .. HE picked out, and green thread he also picked out.. and the climbing expedition also went well.
wow i got off on the weed path from that one.. garbage truck --->sewing ---> rock climbing.
i have a KNACK for getting off topic (dontcha know)
another deep thought from the road
this is a RALLY REALLY genius one
brace yourself
so i drudge along day in and day out
go to work
go home
go to work
go home
30 something miles in each direction
anywheres from 37 minutes commutes to 2.5 hour commute depending on weather
and volume
and accidents
as i was sitting in the slow lane this morning
which i NOW make myself do
so I dont blow a gasket, or blood vessel screaming at some moron going 59 in the fast lane..
just the thought makes me mad
deep breaths
start over...
sitting in the slow lane..
i do this so much
I should get a badge or something,
or reach (like video games) level 123 of skill
and get to use some secret underground highway with no traffic
sitting in the slow lane,
staring balefully at the empty commuter lane,
with a car whizzing by every 4.3 second only i thought..
Thats it!
they should have a course you can take to assess your skill at driving,
propensity to be distracted
and if you meet all of the qualifications
you get to drive in the commuter lane (renamed the EXPERT lane)
where you can drive any speed you want!
omg that would be so COOL!
and if you're a jack a55,
and you screw it up,
fellow expert lane users can report you,
and if you get 3 complaints you lose priveledges for 2 weeks!
FIX the WORLD idea
take it down a few notches
fix traffic IDEA