Monday, November 28, 2011

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Like Banjo's?

Check this out..

Front porch radio: click here -->>


Thursday, June 23, 2011

New words

Ode says the following stuff..

For Eyebrow he says = eyeBOW
Noise he says = NOI
all right! he says = all righT!!!!
Nose he says = french fry.. er he says it more like fra fry! (he thinks this is HILARIOUS)
sit = sh!t
elmo = MO!!
door = doi
Daddy = Da
Mommy = Ma
Grandma = Ma also
pretty flowers = priy fowers
dog = ruff ruff
train = woo woo
up = up
more = mowa
no = NO! (with a jump for emphasis)
If he doesnt feel too strongly about it, like he's getting full and doesn't want anymore grapes.. no = no?? (with a question at the end)
Hello = hello??? hello?? hello??!!
love you = wuf ooh
i can do it = i do it
turn the light on = yite on!!
turn the light off = yite on!
outside = ah side
plane = ohhhh wooowwww
yoghurt = oh boyy! yeahh!

despite my best intentions

im NOT wearing make up today
I did NOT get up at 5am and do yoga and water the vegetable garden, and have quite time
I am NOT dressed cute at work
my desk Is NOT clean
The garage room is NOT cleaned out and organized
I have NOT paid my late fines at the library for two weeks!
I still watch TV
I ate a bunch of garbage they brought into work today ON TOP of my veggies
my car is not steam cleaned and detailed as Id planned
I did NOT do art last night
I have not STARTED on a project thats due tomorrow
I did not practise SUPREME focus today
I DID NOT practice tolerance, and held angry thoughts in my heart for loud annoying people who need too much attention
I considered driving off from work without telling a soul..
I have not ever done this but fantasize about it frequently..

I drive off BEFORE noon, stop at a gas station on the way home, buy a lotto ticket on the way home, WIN, go and pick up Chris and the kids.. and never look back.
Go live in NEW MEXICO desert in an earthship (google it) with an organic garden, goats, tons of land, a studio, never wear shoes, drink limonata (thanks for introducing me to this Lisa! hee hee nothing else tastes NEAR as good!) take pictures (with my really good camera), work the land and earthship, create an art installation in the hills behind our place, and "find" myself.
that would be pretty snazzy
it changes all the time
If its been cold out I dream of new mexico
If its been hot out Alaska or Montana
ha ha

I would post a big sign at the drive to our property that says "no attention wh&res allowed"
ha ha ha ha!
okay i wouldnt really
but that was funny

What did I do?
I did a LOT of work,
I helped a lot of people that i didnt HAVE to
I kissed the baby on the head and blew him kisses goodbye
I told my husband i loved him
I ate my veggies
at least my shoes are fancy!
My hair is clean, and I smell good (thanks to "Juliet has a gun" MMMmmm.. smells good)
I read a little bit of john o donahue on my lunch break.. good stuff! my cousin had him on her blog!!
I felt inspired
I let like three people in front of me on the way to work.
I ate yoghurt for lunch.. probiotics are good for you!
I drank water


over and out


Oh my goodness she is lovely

I love the ribbons and bows and her model-esque pout when she's sleeping!

Monday, April 18, 2011

creeping in the backdoor..

funny how media creeps into our lives in REAL land from screen, or channel, or paper land. some examples

  • everyone at work says "what the dooce?" I have wondered where the heck this came from.. and last night I was watching family guy, and stewy, the weird english accented baby.. says "what the dooce?"

  • all this past weekend, Chris's response to all of my questions, or comments was "Remember schools for learning not for a fashion show" (this gets a little annoying after a while.)

  • there's a local Insurance salesmans (UBER Weird) commercial.. where it shows these sort of geeky guys doing videos for a dating service.. this one guy says "No nosepickers, no dopers, no smokers, no posers, no fatty's, no hamsters, (and MY FAVORITE - though I dont know what it means) No Donna Juanita's"

my favorite quote of the week! - go to youTube and search vern fonk dating commercials.. FREAKING HILARIOUS (and no hamsters?!!! what the?)

Tales of Odin

I had a Paradigm shift this weekend i had told Chris to sleep in, I'd handle Ode myself.. then i decided on some deep house cleaning, i tried to do it w Ode in the playpen.. and he was mad.. so i was gonna postpone my cleaning til after Chris woke up.. but then i decided to see if Ode would have the attention span YET to "help" at all... so i let him out of his playpen, gave him a mop with a dry head on it, and cheered him on while he HELPED me..He is an awesome duster! ha ha ha.. it helps of course that the duster is this crazy turquoise Fuzzy stick thing.. He took his work very seriously, tongue sticking out the side of his mouth..and i would point out spots he missed, and he would go at them with great fervor..then i would say Ohhhh nice job dude!! that looks SO good! and he'd drop the duster and clap for himself and scream YaYYY! freaking hilarious. I LOVE too.. that I can enlist his help instead of trying to clean AND entertain him/keep him out of trouble. He also figured out this weekend how to use a fork to actually pick stuff up. I just love the look on his face.. like.. Oh my GOD!!! THAT is what this thing DOES!! I AM A GENIUS! He discovered headphones.. also a MIRACULOUS discovery "whooooa!!" he says his eyes light up, he does a little dance, then takes the headphone out of his ear, squints and looks into it..pts it back up to his ear.. whoaaa.. Saturday morning was beautiful, sunny, glorious day We went to the grocery store early.. then decided last minute to go through the car wash.. BAD IDEA usually I do the car wash after work, NOT with Ode in the car we get in there.. and we're talking away.. Odes in the backseat holding his new easter bunny he got at the grocery store The brushes start going over the car and i look back there, trying to be nonchalant, because as soon as the machine started it occured to me this might not go well (you think?) Odes sitting there, playing w the rabbit, and looking out the window.. slowly his smile turns to a frown he looks a little nervous I try to distract him "Hey buddy look at mama! we're at the carwash! cool!" he does okay until the giant BOOM brush drops down over the hood, making a huge roar! (oh $@&!) I think to myself the boom brush makes contact with the hood, making the car a giant hairy blue and red spinning monster poor Ode loses his mind.. holding his easter bunny over his face and screaming. We cant drive out of the car wash, we're pinned in!!!!!!!! i totally would have driven out MID-Wash if it was possible a clean car is totally not worth a traumatized kid.. anyways we made it through the house of horrors that is the car wash with mom and dad almost as traumatized as the kid Wow who knew that you could make such an INTENSLY bad decision on a sunny saturday morning, leaving the supermarket!? Ode is starting to put words together he very much LOVES outside AHSide!! he shrieks! yesterday he was trying to tell me he wanted to go outside.. and i was playing dumb.. finally he says.. SHOES!!! bye bye!! Ahside!! Ahside!! bye bye! shoes! shoes! shoes!! i couldn't ignore this earnest attempt at expressing in language as opposed to pointing, whining exactly what he wanted.. He wanted to go byebye, outside.. and knew he needed his shoes on to do it. i repeated back to him what i thought he was saying.. and he yelled YAY!! (he is probably thinking.. geesh my Mom is slow on the pickup!! how many times/ways do I have to say it!!?) Ahside! its so amazing to watch him learn to do things for the first time

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sappy Post WARNING - This song makes me cry!

Now Im not generally a big country music fan.
But the radio station on my phone occasionally busts out w a country song
this one
every time it comes on I get all choked up and teary eyed (sappy sod)
anyways it just played
and reminded me
I was talking to my friend the other night.. we've been friends since we were very small.
and we were spilling our guts to each other because we hadn't talked in months
and was I telling her that sometimes
life is just like this..

you know when you're driving down the freeway,
and its night,
and its starts to FREAKING POUR rain,
and you realize your windshield wipers need to be replaced because you cant see a damn thing
and at first you panic and feel like you should just stop right there
but your on the FREEWAY
you have to keep going
or the guy behind you will slam into you
so you work with what little visibility youve got
white knuckled
and unsure
and a little bit terrified because you cant see where youre going to well

life is like that for her right now

life has been like that for me at times in the last year

and your family

and your friends

are the ones who stand by you
.. even if its just by listening
if your brave enough to share with them your troubles

heres the song..

It’s like a storm
That cuts a path
It’s breaks your will
It feels like that

You think your lost
But your not lost
on your own
Your not alone
I will stand by you
I will help you through
When you’ve done all you can do
If you can’t cope

I will dry your eyes
I will fight your fight
I will hold you tight
And I wont let go

It hurts my heart
To see you cry
I know it’s dark
This part of life
Oh it finds us all
And we’re too small
To stop the rain
Oh but when it rains

I will stand by you
I will help you through
When you’ve done all you can do
And you can’t cope
I will dry your eyes
I will fight your fight
I will hold you tight

-rascal flatts

solar flares!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

what are you grateful for?

i am grateful...
for being able to breathe
for sunshine on my face
for a green thermos full of hot coffee
that Sherpa calls me "Loretta!" used to piss me off, because thats not anywhere near my name..but now every time i hear him yellit through the house it cracks me up
for nutty people they are the color/smelly markers in the box of black and white pens
for headphones at work!
Lady Gaga
the smell of peeling an orange

Monday, February 14, 2011

slowly but surely

things are ironing out around here
slowly but shirley...surely
my cough is getting a wee bit better
the cars better
the weathers better - well it was yesterday (hope)
the front yard is getting better
all of it slowly..i wish it was all RIGHT now
but thingks dont work that way
anyways.. blah blah blah

Ode has been living it up
eating cookies COOKIES! his MeMaw baked him for Valentines (1 a day is the ration of sugary goodness)
ohh they are such a treat he thinks! he dances with HEARTY GLEE as he eats them.

The Showdown

WE had our first SHOWDOWN the other night
toddler against Mama

Ode pitched every last book off the coffee table and onto the floor..
about 10 in all
when he was done I said "Okay, time to pick the books all up now."
he sticks his nose in the air and swings his shoulder to me fast and marches off with great purpose
here we go ........i think
"Ode, come here and pick up the books please"
keeps his back to me and begins playing with something else
I walk over to him and try to take his hand, and he SNATCHES it away from me
so i pick him up and walk him over to the book avalanche
I point and say "pick the books up please"
He picks up a book and throws it on the floor .. just to really show me what he thinks of this idea (in my head i say 'sassin frassin') but on the outside i have absolutely no reaction to this little power play.
he walks away
I go and pick him up
stand him beside the books
He mouths off to me in toddler-ease "blabe mun shoozie WIT!" (WOW i think)
and starts to walk off
I pick him up and look fervently for a time out spot (I've not really had to do this before! he's usually really good about picking stuff up!)
I stick him in the empty porta playpen
he throws himself on the floor of it, wailing as if Id just taken away his brand new puppy
heartbroken he is trying to convey.. & Im such an evil meanie (as well)
I give him a minute and ask if he's ready to pick up the books
he nods and points at them (thank god)
But the wee fellow has pulled a fast one on his Mama -he's no intention of picking anything up
I get him out and stand him next to the bookalanche again
he stomps and walks off to play
again i commence with the picking up of the todd and the revisitng of the scene of the crime ..
he wails and shakes his head no, refuses to pick the books up
i put him back in the porta pen (which is in the same room but very insulting to his big-boy-who-runs-free persona)
he screams his head off, turns bright red and throws himself on the floor again
i look at him unmoved, unemotional - Poker Faced even
this time he is detained for almost two minutes
when he stops freaking out i ask him if hes ready
he nods and points at the bookpile
I get him out
set him down and request calmly that he pick up the books
he eyes me
thinks about it
looks across the room - thinking about running i presume
looks back at the books
the crowd hushes waiting to see what move the wee todd will make against the evil giant of a mother he's been presented with
and slowly
he picks up one and then another - until theyre all cleaned up.

claps for himself!
(interesting) the OGRE mom thinks

he deserves the applause i figure
for that was indeed a "SHOW"


(as my cousin would say)

Monday, February 7, 2011


well it got me..
the sniveling, hacking, feverish, wracking, achy, crapola bug of the flu or whatever sort of creeping crud it is. Despite all my handwashing, bleaching the faucets, doorknobs, emergen_C pounding efforts.. it caught me and took me down hard.

Chris is well on his way to better-dom health..must be all that healthy stuff he does! :) also he's been going to bed when Ode does, which is very smart of him.

I got nailed saturday w the thing i was in denial about/ flu cold whatever it is.
today im back at work and hacking away in the back of the room. (nice) once i get sick, i stay that way for some time it seems.

We had to turn away visitors on Sunday! phoo..

Ode has been unscathed by the whole OUTBREAK besides one night where he broke a fever, but was cool by morning. He lah de dahs along at full speed.

i am tired, drinking Gypsy Cold Care tea.. by the gallons. (dang i thought i was gonna beat it.) and waiting for better days.




Thursday, February 3, 2011


this week is insanely busy at work
our house business has been pure chaos of late!
'monsieur bebe' has not been sleeping through the night - my dark circles have dark circles
and finally Chris got sick with a nasty flu....poor guy
me, i am fighting the battle against this same bug as if my life depended on it,
i cannot take a day off!!!

i pound green tea,
drink emergen - C
gargle hot salt water
swab my nose w saline
take vitamins
and think really really healthy thoughts
my desk is covered in the debris of my battle with this TENACIOUS bug that wants ME
i look like a mad scientist with all my powders, and concoctions!

i am winning i tell you (and myself)
that soreness in my throat is from gargling so much salt water
i am gonna kick this flu(s) a55!!

despite the madness, and lack of sleep, and the fact that ALL of my white cells are otherwise occupied at the moment, waging war
and the fact that all of my brain cells are equally otherwise occupied trying to figure out the mysteries of the universe (okay just the mysteries of the business i am currently in)
i am in a relatively decent mood

i keep plugging along
its amazing the calm you can find in the center of the storm

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I went for a walk today in the glory sunSHINE

Whats that giant white orb in the sky?
Squinting, the soggy FOLK look skyward..
their pasty skin flushing at the sight of it


the sun came out today!!!!!
weeping and relief ENSUES
This has been the darkest wetest fall/winter in a while
I celebrated by walking at one of my favorite spots,
the spot gives me the creeps to walk in the dark and the rain
so to have the sun on my face was VUNDERBAR

see pics here: @ the mobile blog.. ChixSherpa2Go

Thursday, January 6, 2011

looking back

1 year old .. 6 months ago


At work today i came across this picture of Ode from May of last year, not quite 1 years old.. I cannot believe how much he has grown since, and much more of a "kid" he seems.

What the heck is going on?

So it started with the blackbirds in beebee arkansas on dec 31st.. and its just gone form there.
End of the world?
Late results of the oil spill?
SOme weird gases coming out of the earths crust?
clicky below
i dont buy cold weather - cold weather has been colder in other years.
fireworks (?) caused 4,000 birds to become disoriented and run into something so hard they die,
all the same way?
at the same time?
some folks say its just because the internet allows people to draw connections where there arent any, but this isnt the first year the internet was around..
not sure about 2012 - i guess i always figured the mayans just got sick of making calendars for years they wouldnt be around anyways..
maybe someone is just trying to work everyone into a froth so they are more likely to do something/buy something/or follow someone ? (thats me, always take the paranoid path!)


i dont really buy the "its natural, and the timings a coincedence" i think something is wrong
just not sure what

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Have you ever been Mellow?

Have you ever been mellow?
have you ever tri - ahh hied!!?? (tried)
to find a comfort from insi - ahh hied!!!!! (inside)
Have you ever been happy?
Just to hear your so - ahh - ong!!!? (song)
Have you ever let someone else be stroooong!!!? (strong)
Lyrics from an Olivia Newton John song from the late 70s which just popped into my head.
god no wonder my brother and i are warped. this song makes no sense whatsoever.
this song is now stuck in your head for the remainder of the day (mwahahaha)
mental elevator music
Olivia Newton John songs are
as sticky in the head as ABBA songs
you are welcome. :)

Deep thoughts from the road

This truck was in front of me yesterday. I got so bored with sitting there going ZERO miles per hour, i took a picture. (in case youre thinking, all the other lanes are empty! why didnt you go around!!? - Im waiting to get on 405 - the other lanes go to Renton or Seattle)
I started wondering, If OUR Christmas was any indication, and the trash that follows Christmas Day package explosion, times how many households that celebrated Christmas in the United States this many of these trucks were filled from ONE DAY?
Maybe next year I should plan, and wrap everything in fabric, or reusable bags or ANYTHING would be better than this. I bet if I started sewing now, gift bags, from fabric already around the house, i MIGHT be ready for next year.
Why just the other night, Cameron asked me to whip up a chalk bag for his rock climbing deal the next day. We looked through my pile of fabric, and found nothing substantially COOL enough for a 22 year old guy, I have a lot of flowered stuff, and stuff with hearts on it, and even the tye die stuff is kinda grily colors.. then he had an idea, and found his favorite T Shirt, which now has a hole on the left side... we carefully cut out the screen print, which is the part he loves, and re-purposed it into a ROCKING chalk bag!
now, Im not good at sewing, and having someone stare at you while you sew is equivalent to having someone stare at you while you type.. (which I also suck at) so it was a little unnerving,
having the guy stare over my shoulder while I careully dismantled his very favorite tshirt of all time.
but it all ended well.
Chalk bag was finished, w a zig zag stitch .. HE picked out, and green thread he also picked out.. and the climbing expedition also went well.
wow i got off on the weed path from that one.. garbage truck --->sewing ---> rock climbing.
i have a KNACK for getting off topic (dontcha know)
another deep thought from the road
this is a RALLY REALLY genius one
brace yourself
so i drudge along day in and day out
go to work
go home
go to work
go home
30 something miles in each direction
anywheres from 37 minutes commutes to 2.5 hour commute depending on weather
and volume
and accidents
as i was sitting in the slow lane this morning
which i NOW make myself do
so I dont blow a gasket, or blood vessel screaming at some moron going 59 in the fast lane..
just the thought makes me mad
deep breaths
start over...
sitting in the slow lane..
i do this so much
I should get a badge or something,
or reach (like video games) level 123 of skill
and get to use some secret underground highway with no traffic
sitting in the slow lane,
staring balefully at the empty commuter lane,
with a car whizzing by every 4.3 second only i thought..
Thats it!
they should have a course you can take to assess your skill at driving,
propensity to be distracted
and if you meet all of the qualifications
you get to drive in the commuter lane (renamed the EXPERT lane)
where you can drive any speed you want!
omg that would be so COOL!
and if you're a jack a55,
and you screw it up,
fellow expert lane users can report you,
and if you get 3 complaints you lose priveledges for 2 weeks!
FIX the WORLD idea
take it down a few notches
fix traffic IDEA