Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And the year is nearly over...

2010 is almost over.
2011 is on its way up the path..
I say a hearty FAREWELL, goodBYE! to this year.
(somewhere in the foggy recesses of my mind, I remember posting something about thank god this year is over.. LAST YEAR.)
Well, sometimes you get a few rough ones in a row!
My resolutions for this year?
i have been a bit out of it for a few.. uhhhhh.. for a while.
This year i intend to live more intently!
Im throwing everything I've got at it!
pulling out all the stops!
raising the bar
breaking down barriers!!!
(channeling tony robbins)
holy crap it's going to be a good one!
picture this..
a stage with two lone spot lights shining on a plain paper curtain
there is a HUSH,
a silence in the air
HAIeeeeeee YAHHHH!!!!
i come busting out of the curtain with a flailing karate kick
wearing a sequined jesters hat
gold shorts
(a la solid gold dancers)
and carrying a magic wand
is how 2011 is going to go..
dork? maybe
crazy? most definitely
come hell or high water
2011 is going to be a BANG!
(and the crowd murmers.. SUPERSTAR!)