Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Southern babies w Northern parents? believe it or not

Im not sure why or how..
but Ode is into saying hi these days.. which is great and very cute..
he says it with a very SOuthern accent.. like on old man from Georgia

"Hahy" he says
over and over
with a lilt in his voice like a southern gentleman
and waves
smiles at the people going by in the super market

"Hayh" in his sweet southern drawl..and wave and smile
we did not teach him this
he just does it.. Chris and I are both verging on this is not learned behaviour..ha ha

i think i will start calling it the Odes grocery store show

where'd this guy come from anyways!??

ha ha

the garden lives

Our garden survived our departure
and maybe our house too
Thanks to Sydney!
(boys are a little less likely to have rager parties when they know someone might pop in at any moment!!!)
ha ha ha
anyways i think some of the plants were doing better than when we left!
thank you very much

Feast or famine

Ive not been blogging for a few weeks.. and now Ive gone and brought this thingie up to date.. there's several PAGES worth of updates.. so if you want to see more new posts just keep hitting 'older posts' when you get to the bottom of the page..

We've been on vacation.. it was a rather quiet one this year.. the big boys didnt come wth, and the littlest boy was teething molars!! and had his first sniffles/cold..and frankly was a bit undone by the change in scenery.. aka not sleeping at all!!! yeesh
I managed to get lots of pics despite the low keyness of our trip this year..maybe too many pics!!!
I did manage to sneak a dive in the lake during a rare nappy on the kiddos part.. oh my it was nice..
i felt like i was 7 again .. just for a minute

happy summer!


Boys of Summer

Heres what Cameron and Roman were up to while we were gone... staying at grandmas on Lake Washington
These were taken by a neighbor...
w a really good eye for pictures apparently!!!
kinda makes me embarassed of my pictures!!!

Odes new tunnel + his 20 something big brother Cameron

notice the tunnel has feet?

The ride home

i ended up riding in the back seat for the remainder of the ride home..
because despite his stellar performance on the ride UP to Idaho
the way back from Idaho was an ENIiRELY
different story
this sweet little fellah screamed his head off in the bac seat for lack of company
so into the back seat mama went
my legs were numb within an hour!
is there any such high drama as a road trip home
with a screaming baby in the backseat?
i think not
insta-headache comes to mind
thank god we didnt get a flat tire
and thank god its over!
i shouldnt complain because this kid to-date has been super easy going
i guess Mom and Dad got spoiled :) 

Please excuse the BUGGY windows!!!

Lake Pend Oreille


my cousin Lisa's new place on the Upper Pack River

stained glass door to the kitchen

awesome hardware!

looking out the very upstairs bedroom window..towards the drive

looking out from the basement door

the guard trees...leading to the meadow/orchard

look how clear that water is!!!

wild flowers

the orchard

apples! and they're all perfect! no spots or anything!

this place is beautiful.. and so many trees
they all swish and whisper in the wind
it is indeed a very serene place

look at all this green!!

a fairy circle of trees!

looking towards the river from the big deck

I love how when you look up at the house like this.. the roof looks like a giant thunderbird, protecting the house

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Fishing time

Ode gets bored and falls asleep while mama and dad try to fish.. only but only.. after he has yelled and hollered until all the fish were scared away!!! hee hee