Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Practice runs

Ode n Daddy riding bike in the back yard

scallopini favorite!

crookneck w volunteer calendula from last year
the calendula petals are really good in pasta salads, w pine nuts and sundried tomatoes and a light olive oil/rice vinegar/soy dressing w basil..they have a really peppery kick to them

bush beans

onions yum

volunteer amaranthe from2 yrs ago!

basil gone to seed

the artichoke i am beginning to regret placing in the herb garden
he is growing much faster than planned
i put him in w the herbs because he was an experiment.. and i kind of thought wouldnt make it

Ode watching an airplane he had just pointed out to me

Roman w his to-do list

Roman not doing his to-do list yet.. hee hee

Ode's new trick, making popeye face when mom tries to take his picture

i got ONE good shot before the weird faces started

Ode's retirement shirt

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

sight is a precious gift

i got caught in the eyeball by a wild little finger the other day
this has happened before but this time, was especially painful, after a visit to the eye dr. moday,she said the scratch was about the size of a pencil eraser smack dab in the middle of the cornea. She put a 'bandage contact' over the damaged area to keep it from rubbing on the inside of my eyelid. oowee. you can kinda see the contact outline in the second pic - she also put me on atibotic/anti-inflammatory drops
i have never experienced such excruciating pain in my life.(that i remember)
this was in the eye that was damaged in the car accident when i was three, so i dont have an iris in it (thus te lack of color) its just all pupil, back then, they had to take the iris out because there was too much glass in it.
so i have always squinted in the sun  its like having your pupil dialated all day every day
then i had a cataract in it a few years back, caused by the lack of pupil/sun protection - had surgery on it and a prosthetic lens was implanted in there by a really amazing eye surgeon. 
luckily i didnt see very well out of this side anywho, but the little sight i do have allows me peripheral vision (although not the greatest peripheral, or my reflexes would have saved me from flying fingers! :)

i was scared that THAT WAS IT for this eyeball
it was down for the count
that this would be the straw to the camel

today i can open it again
the sweling has gone down a bit
and i can still see out of there
(thank you thank you thank you)

this poor old eye has seen the worst of times
and keeps on trucking
i am so grateful to be able to see
and while i claim i dont use it very much.. i sure was impaired when it was shut!!
i love you old beat up eyeball, 
you allow me a different view of this world
keep me from crashing into stuff
and are a real TROOPER
thanks for still working
and thanks for making yet another comeback
you're like an old subaru with 400,000 miles on it
with a squished radiator and no muffler
dents, and dings
and a half flat tire
you just keep going no matter what
and i am ever so grateful

you let me see the garden
and the blue summer sky
you let me see my kiddos in stereo
and all of the other things i am grateful for

maybe life knew i needed a time out this week
to have some ungodly pain, and fear tht i would not see
to really appreciate
days filled with no pain
and blessed sight

i just watnt to say.. i GET it.

i am in awe of our bodies ability to heal

and i am ever so grateful for my eyes

this is my other undamaged eye
he hurt too (the dr said it was sympathy for the other one) and swelled up


I am grateful for Chris the unsung hero in this tale.. who led me patiently around the house for the last couple days, and took care of absolutely EVERYTHING
He rocks the Casbah
who was at my beck and call, turned off lights and made the sun go away for me too; hanging up temporary dark curtains, and kept asking, do you need anything at all mom?.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

garden today

fancy flower

The sun has finally arrived and things are starting to grow at last! WOOHOO
i was worried our whole garden was going to flop!

i know i know... 50 million garden pictures.. of the same garden
but it is always changing and growing, dying back and starting fresh..
REALLY this is a WHOLE new garden

this year we got all our seeds from a place that sells non GMO (genetically modified) and heirloom seeds, specially selected for the West side of the cascades.
They are doing awesome,
we got like 100% take rate, every seed germinated.

now we just have to figure out where to SQuEEZE them all in

one of the apple trees, lots of apples this year


jerusalem artichokes and squash

keeps birds away from raspberries...blows and spins in the wind

MORE tomato plants that need to go in

actual artichoke

tomato already planted w hops behind


black soybean


i LOVE this time of YEAR!!! its like a green explosion!
spent a few hours early this morning weeding out the squash beds befor the sun got up too high

baby walnut