Monday, June 28, 2010

WHAT did i do this weekend?

This weekend was a whirlwind for me..
So much so that i got to work and thought what the heck did i do all weekend?
saturday  i dont really remember saturday because sunday was so busy!
i fed Ode a couple times (Chris fed him a couple more)
put him down for a nap
I weeded the squash section of the garden.
transplanted some tomatoes, and basil into bigger pots.
went to the goodwill
I THINK i went to the grocery store? maybe?
i dont remember
but it was more relaxing than sunday im sure of that
i dont generally like going to "events" on my days off, it turns my saturday or sunday into a getting ready for X event day
I dont know if I am particularly bad at getting ready
unusually disorganized or distractable or what
but "events" consume everything for me
and suck the wind out of my days off. which seem to FLY by these days!
did my morning WORKwork, the weekly presentation on what happend over the past week, that i have to send to all the big whigs..the internet crapped on me like 5 times, froze, dropped my connection, and right when I was at the point of ultimate nuclear meltdown, Chris calls the ISP and made them fix it.
sent that by 10am
did like 5 loads of laundry
gave ode a bath
while he was taking a nap
i transplanted 12-15 more tomatoes (OMG we planted TOO MANY tomatoes!)
watered the hothouse basil
made a huge mess in the backyard from my transplant project
ate some fresh raspberries
Chris' mom popped by for a visit
Chris cleaned out my car
showered and got UN MUDDY
tried on 2 outfits for my work event, rejected them, realized it wasnt my outfits but me
put one of the rejected outfits back on
got ode packed (Chris helped)
went to my work barbecue up North with Ode,

who was a fabulously well behaved and social baby the WHOLE time!

My new Director asked to hold him and i made a furtive silent prayer as i handed the pristinely clean, and spiffily dressed kiddo over to my new boss
"dear god PLEASE dont let him 1. rip her hair out, 2. fishook her nostril OR 3. grab her boobs"
he was perfect!
he sat quietly in her lap, batted his eyelashes at her and smiled and waved
he was SO GOOD
she gave him a cracker and he ate it perfectly!
no stuffing the whole thing in his mouth and gagging,
partially chewing it, then pulling it out again and wiping it somewhere inconvenient
smooshing it up in his hand and smashing it into the tabletop
he nibbled neatly at the cracker and smiled sweetly in between chews, and occasionally showed his cracker to a friendly passerby..
ha ha!! the little turkey

you would have thought i bribed him beforehand with popsicles or something, but no such transaction took place!

ALL while the big ROMANS CAR DEAL (see previous post) was going down
my phone was blowing up all the way to Renton!
after hanging out at the BBQ long enough to not be rude, I said my goodbyes,
drove further north to P/U Roman, give Ode some dinner, and say hi to my folks and see the new car..then drove back home
got home as the sun was setting..


I hung out on the back deck with my honey for while
got ROmans car added to the insurance

Chris went to put the baby to bed and never came back!
i found the poor guy sound asleep with his woork boots on! right next to Ode, his arm holding Ode nicely in place. (he's had a sinus infection for a few weeks and refuses to go to the doctor - pretty soon im gonna have to pull some crazy stunt until he agrees to go..he's not getting any better, and is miserable - ITS RIDICULOUS! why would you suffer unnecessarily!?)
whatever i might as well talk to myself.

Roman took care of Chris's chores and put the chickens to bed, and closed up the greenhouse, shut everything down.
He and I sat on the back deck and talked about how "FILTHY" (=very cool) it is that he has his very own car now.
i snuck into our bedroom, i folded the last load of whites, put Odes blankets back on him.made sure he was breathing, (You know you did this when you're kids were babies.)
kissed him goodnight

and next thing you know its monday!
im going to have to go get a coffee here in a minute

despite the fleeting weekend
which seems to have blown by me at warp speed
being over
I have quite a warm and grand sense of satisfaction
knowing that
  • my kid came off like a darling angel at my work deal
  • i finally got the rest of the "tomato army" of overgrown seedlings transplanted!
  • and roman will not ask to borrow my car anymore

good times

PraCtice random acts of kindness

The lady in front of us at starbucks drive through, paid for our drinks!! and left the barista this card to pass to us..


Romans new car

There it is folks.. the object of Romans love and affection these days.. His new car. Papa threw in all of his recent profits from his "toys" outboards boats and such, Grandma pitched in too..and Roman is working off the rest. Super Fantabulous..he just giggles to himself randomly now and says "i have a car!" (cuckoo!)

he he.. its super cute

Friday, June 25, 2010

Looks whos driving

the commute just keeps getting weirder,
I pulled up next to this honda accord only to get the stink eye from "the driver" a small pug dog wearing aviator goggles
i almost had a heart attack
started reaching for my camera and only got this blurry shot before he drove away
he was a real lead foot!

sneaky chicken

trying to sneak in the backdoor

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Odes new wheels

this is Odes new car, early Bday present..
It has a horn, and buttons that play music, and car starting and car pooping out sounds..
he loves to steer and push the sound buttons..
and it has a tall push handle for mom dad and big brothers
the latter got a big kick out of making him do wheelies

Monday, June 21, 2010

Meeker Days

my mom :)

old tacoma

Sanford and Son

The old Pantages theatre

wright park conservatory

the nce lady here let Odin have some fish food even though it was "after hours"
He was awestruck by the big fish and the noises they made
we had the conservatory all to ourselves for almost 20mins
it was a very quiet and magical place!!



I have been out of the blog for quite a while! life has been  bit mad lately..
Happy Solstice!!
Happy summer and Fathers day and such.

I have been on long weekend, to celebrate my 40th and Fathers day.. and found some time to get caught up here!

walk in the woods near mt rainier/carbon river


As we walked through the woods, Odin would shriek at the top of his lungs (as pictured here)
and his big brothers who were ahead on the trial would howl back to him
He would crack up!!
look at the SHEER GLEE on his face
and repeat
i think poor Chris was deaf by the end of the walk.



what is with boys and the NEED to throw stuff n the river?
then SPlASH
goes the log
and a big smile



walk in the woods