Sunday, February 28, 2010


today was our anniversary..Chris made me this
he framed our wedding certificate...its beautiful
and he dug me a new flower garden!!

we didnt do much out of the ordinary
spent the day together
felt lucky


i made this for chris for our anniversary..
he also got a new pocket knife

and some jeans


this is the moon last night
above our locust tree
we stepped outside and listened for a spell
to the sound of thousands of frogs
come early this year

randomish snaps

Picked up a FREE antique chair on the next project!
underside of the visor on the lima bean
the previous owner had interesting taste in stickers


so cool

more white river pics

this moss is so hairy and wild!! I love it
my trusty old hikers
natures milk duds

I like the way the pic below happens in layers



.Ode trying to grab my camera
when we arrived it was raining
Ode was not deterred,
he squawked and squealed from the kidpack with glee
and kicked his daddy as if to say giddy UP!!

white river

Riding in the truck
look at the clearcut they did here!

this reminds me of a Dr Seuss book picture 


Thursday, February 25, 2010

3 teeth

you can only see two of them here

E.T. Finger

ET finger

i love his pudge little hands. and am well aware that - sooner than i can blink, he will be grown out of the pudge little hands
so i take lots of pics

ha ha

Odes doin his tough guy face.. I dont know WHAT face that other weirdo is doing.. ha ha

He's got a new trick! he sits up from a laying down position..
its really funny to watch

Toys Cafe

We used to go here a lot when I was a kid
excellent chinese food
As i drove by today I realized the buildings around here being torn down and decided to take a pic before It was GONE!
we used to get oolong tea, and my brother and i would put ungodly amounts of sugar in our tiny tea cups
the old lady always remembered my mom by name
we would get Family Meal #4
i still remember the way it smelled,
the old dark red carpet
the old metal cash register, and the dish of peppermints i would stare at while my mom paid the bill
the booths.. kicking the base of the booth made a drum sound
they had big metal coat hangers at the end of each booth, I remember looking at other peoples coats and purses
my brother would get hot mustard on his bbq pork then burn his mouth and cry, i would roll my eyes then do the same thing and make a point not to cry even though I wanted to.. ohhh it burned my nose!!! ha ha
it was always a BIG NIGHT OUT when we went here..

martian marble quote of the day

Does anybody remember laughter?

Robert Plant

What Ode's up to today

eating breakfast

Being happy

Hanging outside in his too big parka
This is the "wizard hat"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ode's gone prep today in his new sweater
You can tell he feels rather dashing in this getup

He looks like he's thinking about a round of golf,

maybe chatting up some of the Betty's on the golf course.. with that devil may care half-smile...

Odin and the 'wizard hat'

Ode likes to point out (with his E.T. finger) the points on things.
I made Ode a triangle out of scrap fabric, stuffed it with fluff and sewed a smiling face on it.
It's quite a cute little triangle... and Ode likes it a lot! he points to the top of the triangles head with glee and wreckless abandon..
Chris calls the thing "Ode's wizard Hat"  because thats what he thinks it looks like.
Here's a pic of Ode and the wizard hat.. you can see him pointing with his E.T. finger to the top of it's head..

Ill add a better pic of the triangle later..

martian marble

The martian marble says
"Strange as it seems, no amount of learning can cure stupidity, and higher education positively fortifies it."

(stephen vizinczey really said it)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

serious guy

this is Ode's serious look...
it is also the space out look he does right before he falls asleep..

Monday, February 22, 2010


This is Kenny
he's a Legend in Factoria and in Issaquah too these days
He is a sign guy
he listens to music on his walkman
holds the sign
shrieks at the passing cars in his own language
sometimes he screams rock and roll!!!
and occasonally
if you're lucky you get the heavy metal sign..
some people honk (melissa)
and he shrieks and flashes all kinds of hand signals at them

Occasionally you hear tall tales of people (always a third party  like a bigfoot sighting) who have run into him at the bar
at the grocery store
and they're all the same
the Guy seems normal.. quiet even - who knows if they're true..such a departure from the Kenny we all know and wonder at.. shrieking, dancing, holding his walkman high over his head Kenny..I dont even know if his name is really Kenny!
he used to NOT be a sign guy
but he has always been a legend
he has always stood on the street corners and rocked out and screamed
til one day
some one got a bright idea
and made use of his fame and gave the guy a sign and possibly a paycheck
to do the thing he already did
his passion


My mom and Dad on their honey moon...
Our anniversary is coming up..and i thought of it when i passed this picture on the craft room wall.

My mom is so pretty it's shocking to me
my dads handsome too, but as a little girl i paid close attention to my mom..

i loved the story of the ugly duckling because it encouraged me to think someday i would be a SWAN like my momma (i was a super FUNKY looking kid - partially because of the car accident and my weird hair, and the giant glasses it gave me, and partially because i was just plain awkward)

my parents are still married for 40 something years.. wow
dont hear that much anymore
they met in high school
they were each others first love
i guess my mom had one other suitor early on in high school,
some guy named 'snodgrass'
my Dad's lip still curls when he hears the name
hee hee!

to hear my dad tell the tale.. he was so in love with my mom he would have been happy to get run over by the garbage truck that had been to her house!!!

he he that cracks me up

Sunday, February 21, 2010

sunday driving continued

just past this bridge is the homeless shelter
the place is so packed there's near a hundred people milling around outdoors
i am always staring
when we go by
what the trigger was
the last straw
that ended them up there
most folks are but a few paychecks 
a few hard turns
from being one of the folks milling about out there in the cold
i mean i'd LIKE to think i have SOME control over something like that - but you never know
and you bet your a55 none of THEM planned to be there!!
it scares me 
THE and i do mean THE... Almond Roca factory!!!
i just like this building
with the red cross on it

It is done!! my very first quilt!!!!

Ode's quilt is finally done..I backed it with flannel peace signs so he will have a peace filled sleep!!!
with as little measuring as possible (im big into eyeballing stuff - i cook the same way) i was totally amazed that something as seemingly precise as a quilt could be 'eyeballed'!!!!
Woohoo!! he likes it too! he points at the tractors!! maybe he's going to be a farmer!