Friday, January 29, 2010

Baby sit ups

This is Ode doing his baby sit ups
He grunts while doing them and it's hilarious


Bringing PERSPECTIVE into focus

My project for this month is PERSPECTIVE
One thing that frequently holds me back from loving some of the art stuff I do is - I super SUCK at perspective
I never learned it and I haven’t been able to JUST DO IT on my own
You know, just sort of figure it out
like crochet or sewing or gardening
something about it is magic and evasive for me
Roman on the other hand took a college drawing class and is a mAster at perspective
He gave me his college book last night and said I could have it

I am hoping to gleen from this book ‘the key’ - the one thing I am missing mentally that will ‘switch on’ my ability to do depth accurately

The book starts out as follows
“welcome to one of the few sane disciplines which can actually awaken your mind to some of it’s invisible biases and help it become more aware of the way it constructs the world”

This sounds like a good start!

Oh! wish me luck, I have a difficult time learning things by rote
Forcing myself to draw hallways and buildings and such, things that don’t 'float my boat' per se..
It is the same reason I avoid reading the directions at all costs
Until I admit defeat and read them and discover the key to whatever it is I am MISSING
I am going to delve into the directions for
We’ll see how it goes

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Moving On

okay so im done feeling sorry for myself.. (previous post)
the rototiller got an overhaul today! new tires and a new engine! wohoo! we're ready for planting season..


Im so tired of teenager-hood

I feel like Ive been to hell and back in the last few years


and im tired

im tired of holding it together
im tired of being mature and doing whats right
im tired of tough loving people
only to get kicked in the shin
or an elbow in the eye

im tired of holding it in, swallowing the bitter pill, and smiling in spite of it all

im tired of people asking me if im okay and saying yes! with a bright smile
im not okay

i want to punch someone in the teeth

break something really big with a sledge hammer like all the whiners on tv do

im tired of waking up in the morning
to remember whatever HIGH DRAMA we're currently in the midst of
then that sinking feeling comes
like a wet wool blanket to lay over my days

im tired of giving myself pep talks in the car before i go into work
im tired of being held hostage by someone elses sh!t decisions
having NOTHING to show for years of hard work and dependability

im tired of talking about IT, working IT out, "solutioning"
parent conferences
phone calls

all of it

I want a freaking rescue copter to fly in
send down a rescue basket and carry me off to never never land

where i get to enjoy the benefits of years of responsible, honest living
god dammit


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hey look! the mister shaved off his wooly beard! good show

and look at that happy little fella.. he's probably trying to grab the camera.

listen to your mother

Food for thought

"Let your freak flag FLY!"

i like this statement
i guess it's actually lyrics from a song
or two and a few tv shows

i heard someone say it recently and it made me giggle

it says -
be authentic!
quirks and all!!

it makes me think of this one song I listen to in the car
Rockin Frauline
the bass drops mid song in a way that is SO GOOD
(like make your hair stand on end good!)
that it makes me want to DANCE!

hop out of the car at a stoplight and do a crazy wild dance around the car..
but i dont
because it would be weird
and awkward
I would look funny doing it
the kids would be embarassed

i might even get arrested

hee hee!

i still think of it though
someday i will get up the nerve to do it

maybe when im 90

maybe when im forty(!)

now THAT would be a SHOW

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Washing Machine dreams

I was listening to some gals talk about the good ole days when they would go to the laundromat.. and how good it smelled and how cool it was to have 4 or 5 washers and dryers at your disposal.

I wonder if rich people have more than one.. maybe 3 or 4 washers and dryers? Thats what I'll do when I get rich.. AT least 2!


never mind

when i get rich i will move to the country
and not work
and then ill have time/weather to hang my stuff dry

Correction: the Oats and Plums is actually Spinach and Potato!

Monday, January 25, 2010

daydreaming in pen

I have a hard time visualizing my goals..
much like i have a hard time remembering anything unless i write it down
so i have started doodling my goals..
it makes them feel more 'locked in'
i let you know if they are more likely to be achieved or not after doodling them

Sharing a popsicle with the bees

The last post reminded me of summer which reminded me of ROman when he was about 3 years old.

We were in Idaho at the lake house

He was wearing his big yellow stearns life jacket with the handle on the back and water shoes.
I gave him a red popsicle after he had lunch and walked him out onto the dock where most of the family was sunbathing.

He plopped himself down on a kid sized lawn chair and made with eating his cold treat. I was cleaning up some of our gear and not really paying direct attention..about 5 mins later I noticed it appeared he was still eating his popsicle which was a miracle.. he usually downed those things in 2 minutes flat.!

I come around to the front side of him and there is melted popsicle all down his arm
and 2 or three bees ON THE POPSICLE!!

and he is very slowly, very gingerly, eating AROUND the bees!!


after overcoming my shock, and alerting everyone on the dock.. I separate him from his bee covered 'POSICLE' and run him to the beach where I washed him off in the lake.

I dont think he had a clue what all the fuss was about.


million dollar idea

Today is national bubble wrap day or something along those lines.

im at my desk popping away (our admin brought us sheets of wrap for kicks)
and im thinking.. who knows where this air was located when it got captured and trapped inside this bubble im popping
could be peru
or china
or new jersey

and now it is being release 1000 miles away HERE.. I frequently have the same line of thoughts about raindrops..


They should make bubble wrap with a surprise .. like every 50th bubble has the smell of strawberries or green grass or summer .. they could coordinate efforts with Dmeter fragrances and do bubble wrap with suprise bubble that smells like laundromat.. or day at the beach..
so while you're popping away at work.. you suddenly are torn back through time to a day in 1979 when you were little and at the beach and your momma is slathering coppertone on your shoulders for the 10th time you don't get burned.

2nd idea would be to have confetting inside the surprise bubble - but then it wouldnt be surprising because you could SEE it!

so back to the first idea..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Other random pictures from today

.this looks to me like a road you would walk down,
with your hands stuft in your pockets,
and your holey sneakers shuffling,
when you were down on your luck.
SO i name it Doyl road (down on your luck)

.That's Bernice up there on the roof..
a stuft moose who perches precariously atop the local taxidermist and gun supply

.the mother of all mountains round here

post diaper change in the safeway parking lot

host of trees


Ode liked watching them melt and spin the glass!!! he was transfixed!

extra bricks for the kilns i guess

.you werent allowed to take pics of the inside exhibits.. so you only get to see the workshop and outdoors..

the outdoors glass and water and sky exhibit (i dont know if that was its name.. but thats what it was) was amazing!
and a ittle bit magic
when you went to take a picture of it
the lines between sculpture and water and sky.. disappeared a little!


Visit to Cabelas

Holy Moley! this place was nuts! We had to leave shorty after we got here because Chris was getting overwhelmed by all the people.

This is a white sturgeon.. they had big huge old water fish tanks w all sorts of Northeren Fish.. they had a catfish in there the size of a person! he was all black and inky and whiskers..SO COOL
i could have hung out by the fish tanks for hours!!
'cept Odins father was giving me the stink eye since he wanted to leave.
He had expectations of a good old sporting goods store, with a bunch of old codgers standing around the bait fridge swapping stories.. this place was none of that.. it was more hollywood, supermall, ULTIMATE SPORTING GOODS EMPORIUM style.. with a restaurant and enough parking for the county fair!!!!

This is what we went for.. Good socks.. one of the necessities of life.

Ode got a wolf.. in the Nordic myths, Odin was accompanied by a wolf and 2 ravens ( I couldnt find any ravens)

This is a wolverine - the animas were stuft.. which was a little creepy and weird.. it felt like they were going to jump on your head as you walked by!

and a Seal... look at the size of this thing comapred to Chris and Ode!

Trip to Olympia

drove to Olympia today to p/u another chainsaw

Ode was glad to get out of the house...bonus was sunny down there!

Ode is a really happy traveler!

My Folks Garage

Looks just like the Beaux Arts sticker!

My folks live in BeauxArts (It was originally set up as an artist's commune but never really took off as THAT.. artists dont make much money dontcha know) this was back before there were bridges on Lake Washington.. the original house were built at the end of 1800s early 1900.

Home made Pho Ga...yum

sniff sniff!

An old friend of mine.. who also plays and angel in real ife.. sent me a care package with my very favorite (and discontinued!) parfume!! as well as a few others to try!

I have been in smelly heaven for the last week!!!!

thank you!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lots O Pics

that looks like goggles! he he

1962 BUICK

1968 Plymouth Fury III
We almost have a car show all by ourselves.
Old Hammock

sheeps house




Ode Hangin out...

Blue Eyes

Birdhouse in need of a paint job

1963 AMC Rambler

powder coated wheels



Plant book


Pine Cone


shed door


everything is being tricked into thinking its Spring!!!!