Monday, November 30, 2009

Checking out the CHristmas bridge!

Odins ready for a walk..
Awww.. its nice isnt it?!

Walked over to the hardware store while we were there.. sherpa needed a part for the chainsaw.
Odins first store bought ornament
Hardware cool lights
Uh Oh.. do they know sthing we dont? (these suckers are 3$ a piece!! you could go broke trying to save your property! I mean anything less than a few hundred bags isnt going to hold off much water!)

bundled up

the whole street down aways was lit up..

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

art time

Deep thoughts: Awesomeness

Sometimes when i feel sad,
I stop being sad and be awesome instead! True Story


i pulled in the drive behind Sherpa and Ode. Home at last! The air outside smelled like cedar and amber yumm


pudd muddles w xmas lights
and the Mountain in the background..
Mt Ranier used to be called Mt Tahoma
Fields flooded


2 nite is the 'bridge lighting' in sUMNER - mob scene Boy i took the wrong back way home!
people were jumping out in the road in front of me

I have to say ... once the lights are on the bridge it is something to behold.. one of my favorite things about the holidays.. i deliberatey drive the backway home so i can go over the xmas bridge!!!

new coal creek bridge - pretty

garage w afternoon light

Out to lunch - mom n me

Here she is to pick me up
Went to lunch


Ode is officially one of the family Boys now.. he has his own Fargo hat at last! ear flaps and all.
Camerons is brown
Romans is white
and Ode's is Plaid
I BELIEVE even Nate has one of these now!!
They are the family fashion statement
Cameron started it
Mel bought Cameron his first Fargo hat ordered from the Cabela's catalog before they had a Cabelas in Wa. state
This hat has made appearances in many a photo album
they can be worn in the summer even
with a pair of swim shorts and nothing else
They are:
Super FlY
a way of life
a means of keeping your ears warm
good show

Ode to a box of Kleenex

This may look like an ordinary box of kleenex
but it has super powers i tell you
This fella has been there for me over the past months
your chemicals do funny things after having a new baby.
There have been days, when a picture Sherpa sends me of the kiddo (which normally make me smile) causes a rush of sorrow i cannot explain
and tears to squeak out the sides of my eyes while Im sitting at my desk
kleenex was there
Days when im at work against all of my sick body's wishes;
sore throat, runny nose and aching muscles - HONK!!!!
kleenex was there
When Ive had too much caffeine and my jittery hand sloshes coffee on my mouse
kleenex was there
When I have a delicious rosy colored apple in my backpack for snack,
and Im starving!
but the apple is covered with waxy goo they put on there to doll it up
(and make it inedible)
a few kleenex, and some elbow grease
VOILA! an edible apple!!
yeah this little grey box may look plain and boring..
some people may not even notice it sitting there unassumingly on the corner of my deskl
lurking inside its 6 cardboard sides (one with a convenient dispenser hole)
is the heart of a lion
able to shoulder the sorrows of the world without a blink
and it keeps giving
and giving
and giving
(they are conveniently attached to one another!)
yes folks
sheer genius resides right here on my laminated worktop
and i never even recognized it before.
is THIS what you call enlightenment?

Wake Up little snoozy, Wake up

good morning

HI Ho Hi Ho it's off to work we go....Black Friday

This is a super cool little farm on the backside of cougar mountain (i took the scenic route this morning)

The Tatoo shop near the corner store
Waitin for the train...I need to turn right here..

The BIG HILL near renton

Time Warp.. not sure why this shot looks bent.. it may have something to do with the UFO that was flying around.

This is the Auburn Valley which is at risk this year due to the weakness of the Howard Hansen Dam (you keep hearing about on the news) I figured I better take pictures - its a really pretty area. Before it gets flooded and has to start over.

Supposedly the HH Dam is weak and not expected to hold through heavy rains this year. (i guess they have said this before) anyways they announced at the end of summerthat if it lets loose, parts of this valley will be under 10 feet of water
which would SUPER SUCK .. for the thousands of people who have bought new homes here, or live here... (and you can no longer get flood insurance) and for me because the highway i use to get to work runs through here..
This end of the Valley is home to quite a few what my friend used to call "HooVille"'s (referencing the HOOVille in the grinch movie).
aka housing developments with thousands of houses packed into a very small area..
with 3 feet in between houses. These things have been popping up all over the place for the last 10 years.. they make me groan every time I see a new one going up
a perfect example of greed over common sense
They are usually built at the end of a long two lane road, so once all the people move into their bright shiny (albeit tightly packed) new houses, that they paid a bunch of money for.. they are subjected to immediate gridlock because there's too many people for the ole 2 lane road..
The many HooVilles are mingled in with old farmsteads.

SUN.. ahhh

I love this old farm..

During the summer this is an awesome little flower farm where i stop and buy fresh flowers! (below) super cheap and super freshSee the UFO? below, upper right corner of photo.

I tried blowing this up to super size to see if it was a pigeon or sthing.. and it looks like a tin can with a spinning (blurred) propeller! (hum the theme to Twilight Zone here.)