Monday, September 28, 2009

cook eat time

monday night cook time
kitchen sink

sherpas famous salmon steaks

storm coming tonight.. Cameron split a bunch of wood for the stove
made some delicious creamy, garlicky, tomato basil soup!!!
dinner frequently happens in shifts around here.. especially when both the boys are home

mystery melon from the compost pile..
brussel sprouts in butter, salt n pepper
Cam n ROmans favorite
Big eyes
Roman and his new phone

Odie sleeping in the car

New bunny bag jammies for winter - it's been cold at night!!

i made the little guy a wool vest to go with his hat.
it fits perfectly though i dont think i'll have him wear the two together as it looks like an english nanny outfit!

hee hee

It's warm though, he fell asleep within minutes of me putting this on him!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

new yarn = new blankie

The guys

so i took all these pics and in each one, one guy looks great and someone else is blurred or making weird faces.. so here's three.
Here's the guys, hanging out on a Sunday night..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

O.D. - going to visit Roman today

'this hat is making my head head itch!'

Taking a break in Pacific .. Dad n Cameron were eating breakfast.. Odie doesnt like to be restrained for too long or he gets to yelling
not crying but yelling! ha ha
Cameron was talking to him in this pic, and you can see he is listening very intently.
Nice shoes eh?
I like them because theyre super soft and moveable, but still keep his feet warm and safe

after the hat

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I missed the first day of Fall!
It came and went and I didnt even notice until it was too late!
The air is vascillating between summer and autumn
somedays it still feels like solid summer
then night comes and it is a little too cOOlish to leave the windows all open!
things are winding down
the Fair is almost over,
soon we will have the streets to ourselves again!
peace will settle in town
and in no time we'll be stoking the fire and busting out the blankets!
I love Fall
cocoa, and warm clothes, and layers, and crisp air, and the leaves changing
pumpkins, and corn husks and hunkering down for the winter
stocking up on batteries, food, soup and stuff to warm your insides
I can't say I have always loved the 6+ months of Seattle rain
but last year was far more exciting than that!
we had floods,
snow storms,
record lows
SO I am psyched for this year!
Im heading into fall with a sense of adventure!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

new hat

Mom made this one of wool
New Hat #2

Lunch and Burp break at Home Depot

Today Odie went to Home Depot with Dad, Mama and his big brother Cameron
took a lunch and burp break in the car
Staring at Cameron

Driving the car!! and staring at Cameron

Odie loves Dad

That shy smile we all love


this is the picture i have been trying to take for a month!!! of all the people fishin in the river..
no i didnt finally get it.. this is off the front of the local newspaper! ha ha
this was for an article where the tribe is taking back part of the river for part of the days from the general public.. to hold onto their tribal rights..
spelt for breakfast ! MMMmmm!

Odies next hat.. this one is just plain ole wool.. unbleached and kettle dyed
look how big this skein is! good deals.
This is another jewel.. this is kettle dyed organic cotton.. the color is a awesome emarald green!
Odie's hair..

awash in a sea of blankets!

aww.. boo boo face
this is his new flannel shirt for fall.
He likes it!!!!