Monday, August 31, 2009

trip to the feed store

his eyes are turning glacier blue

the day started out cold and drizzly.. so we dressed him for fall.. had to do a change in the trunk of the wagon around noonish when it got downright summery.

summer light

Odie's Room


Sunday, August 30, 2009

good yarn

good for moles

good for the soul - romans art

Odie sees a UFO

OK so it was just the Safeway sign.. ha ha
hey that can be SURPRISING when your new to the world!!

little hands and feet


mAN! THESE ARE HARD TO COME BY! ROMAN got him to smile..

Roman talking to his little brother

School shopping

Took Roman school shopping today..

Friday, August 28, 2009

keep going

The sky last night - bad focus, good colors

This week has been a hard (ok - brutal) one

family stuff
21 year old stuff
back to work transitioning stuff
home stuff

combined for a perfect storm of crap

Sherpa and I are both drained, tired, and just getting by .. He has been a hero this week

Family is what matters when the s#@! hits the fan... it's what tears us apart and what puts us back together.
Its the reason we strive to do our best, and the reason we fall on our faces sometimes.
Its heartbreaking, staggering, humiliating, hopeful, raw, uncensored, outrageous and the only thing worth fighting for.
We're still standing and everyone woke up breathing today
sometimes its the little stuff you get by on
Here is a ray of sunshine!
This guy was in a good mood today! He is wearing his baby Gap gear from Cousin Lisa. He's feelin pretty spiffy you can tell. :)
I love mornings like this..we got him in his carseat and he just sat there watching mom n dad rush around .. and smiling at us when we talked to him.
Last night he locked onto my face in the grocery store and was smiling and cooing.. this is new. I forgot I was shopping and just stood in the aisle talking to him and drooling all over myself while he smiled. (okay i didnt really drool.. but I just can't look away!)

lookin out the window

steaming coffee - mmmm

I think he's actually POSING in the pic.. he he

Tuesday, August 25, 2009