Thursday, July 30, 2009

The backyard wilds

The garden suffers from neglect this season.. it is fraught with weeds, ravaged by hungry chickens, out of control and very un TIDY! However it is full of mystery and still lovely in its own way.
Squash plants with no squash because the chickens ate them!!!! ARRGH

faded Bergamot - Bee Balm makes good smelling perfume when soaked in vodka for a few weeks

future blackberry pie contributors

glow ball
Glow ball number One was shattered by an overly zealous 12 year old Roman and a cross bow.
i love this kind of light (fence above) late day filtered

unruly hops..
Accidental industrial art (aka a bunch of crap that got left out in the yard)
OH! does this qualify as shabby chic!!??? he he

The forgotten green house ... messy and wild

wild veggie garden.. volunteer calendula.. and my iron trellis Sherpa welded me a few years back... its a big M

i never cut last years dead blooms off this plant.. it doesnt seem to care

Crazy broom scare crow

Car Wash


Yesterday it was 113 degrees at our house! hottest day ever!
Dad n Odie hangng out in the coolest room. ha ha - this face means.. I am about to spit up..
Outside it was so hot no one was out.. it was SILENT! no cars no dogs barking nothin!
Flowers are doing okay!


we stopped off a dirt road in Medcal Lake to feed the kid.. these cows came from the other side of the hill to invesigate us. he he
All you could hear was mooing, the wind and crickets.

Cool pic

Big Brother Roman

Odie thinks his big brother is fascinating! he moves his mouth like he wants to talk to him!
He's locked on Romans face.

1 month old today!!!!

Today our sweet Odie is 1 month old... where did the time go!?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Roadtrip last week

On our way to Idaho

The ole fruit stand we used to stop here when i was a kid

Lake Kachess

Snoqualme pass Ski area

Snoq Pass

Kid's sleeping

Snoqualmie Pass Ski Area (above)

Mt Si - I forgot how beautiful it is up here

North Bend

Dada driving

First we drove by Camerons work in Snoqualmie - yellow building

Monday, July 27, 2009

I can't drive 55

The blazer was driving down our street going about 50 MPH ..speed limit is 30.
Our neighbor took off running after this guy figuring he'd catch him at the stop sign.
The guy didnt stop at the stop sign.. not sure if he never planned to, or if it was that he saw our neighbor running after him. (The neigbor was a big shirtless, tatooed, shaved head guy - hes actually nice though could be menacing looking.)
anyways he barely made the turn and ended up like this in a neighbors driveway ON TOP of their car!
The driver then bailed out, legs bleeding, and ran across the railroad tracks into a field never to be seen again.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

When in Idaho

we slept on the floor of the little house
Dad was tired from the trip
Met Grandpa Lodahl and Grandma Kay!

Drove around alot
Odie learns how to hold his bink in... after many lessons from dad

Road to Dover

ole house

Grandma Holds Odie

Grandpa Lodahl Grandma Kay and Dad w Odie

Priest River

This thing wont GO! (Grandpa Moore) Supervising the house painting..
Wee Hands

New house paint color.. Papas washing the boat
Coming back from coffee run