Monday, June 29, 2009


last shot of the belly ..

Last Day - PIII

Got the front yard cleaned up at last


Last day - before everything changes

Okay this is the last one for today.. I have to get outside it's too nice out! I have been listening to the Be Good Tanyas.. and the Makin Jam song...Thanks Montana! oh and drinking water to get hydrated..
Squeeeze a little more sewing in.. burp cloth.. one side is a diaper.. the other is flannel.

Tomorrow is the day the baby arrives. YAY! And TODAY is my first weekday without working. Double yay. Tomorrow, life as we know it changes, and we'll be a family of 5 instead of 4, with a new leader in the house. ha ha I went to starbucks while the yard was watering. I wonder how much i can truly get done today.. in my condition. My mind says yes.. but my body quits after about 20 minutes of work as light as sweeping!

Watered the veggies


Here are two of the girls, waiting at the bottom of the stairs to escaort me to the chicken pen, to make sure I dont lose my way. More will join soon.

Lead the way ladies.

Then there were 3 and 4.. we're almost a a parade.

At last we make it to the coop. Only for me to discover that we're out of food, and the new 50# bag of feed I got it waay at the front of the house! and SHerpa is gone. I quietly dismiss myself, trying to be invisible, but the chix they dont miss a beat, as soon as I take a step in the wrong direction without feeding anyone they begin their protest, scolding me. following me.. they chase me all the way back to the house yelling at me.. hey! hey!! you forgot something!

I wonder if they think that im a rookie (not the one who normally feeds them and I truly forgot)

anyways, I find the bag, and finally got them fed. phew. What a bunch of nags!

Picture frames for the baby room. Painted to match by Sherpa.

Fabric Holder - last ditch sewing P III

Found this in my sewing stuff, was supposed to be a book bag, it is instead a fabric bag, keeps my fabrics from falling on the floor. This was one of the first things I made when I got the sewing machine from a friend at my last job.. This machine was one of the BEST presents ever! Hours of entertainment for me!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

More last ditch sewing.. Sunday morning

Bamboo - 1 layer thick
These are nursing pads made form organic bamboo fiber.. its super soft, antibacterial and anti inflammatory. The pads themselves are not much to look at but no ones going to see them, its more important that they absorb. There is six layers of bamboo in each one, the fabric is super thin and sheer. SO far Ive gotten six pairs made.


The Nabob maple is keeping me company while I sew. Its a relative of the hibiscus.. we got it at the WSU plant sale. I went somewhwere yesterday that had one that was like 6 feet tall!

Last ditch sewing

About 4 months back I went crazy at the fabric store buying baby fabric, flannel etc.. thinking I would spend my pregnancy quietly sewing little projects for him. Never happened. So here we are today - 2 days before he's due and I FINALLY got around to doing something with the fabrics.. First attempt, an over the shoulder or stroller blanket with flannel on one side and organic linen on the other (the red).. turned out pretty good for me. (I dont really know how to sew) I had to read the directions to remember how to thread the bobbin! ha ha
Reminds me of high school when i would wait until the last night before finals then CRAM. :)


Grandmas friend made this for the baby.. super cute.

bebe summer clothes

Saturday, June 27, 2009

This is where I get my Tea and Rooibos

Saturday Morning w/ Mom - lunch at windmill garden

see the grass on the roof!

Lovely pond

Look at the trumpet tree on the right!

The windmill
WIndmill close
Mom n I went to the farmers market this morning.. picked up some goat cheese and veggies and a new fountain grass. then we went to lunch at this awesome little place in Sumner. I had steak and blue cheese salad and we ate on the patio surrounded by all these beautiful tropical plants!

Saturday - June 28 2009 new flowers

Friday, June 26, 2009

Yard this morning

Beautiful morning.. shame to have to go to work today. At least its my last day for 6weeks!! woohoo!

Camerons sube

This is Camerons miracle car.. The first car he bought with his own money from his own job..He got a great deal on it.
His first big trip in this car the tire blew out while going over the pass!
The car rode up on the guardrail the dropped down on the other side shanking the other wheel off.. he skidded to a stop on his brake rotor and ball joint both of which were ground in half by the time he stopped sliding. SCAAAR -Y!!!
Im glad i didnt know about it unitl it was all over! He and his camping buddy were safe! The freeway angels were with him indeed.