Sunday, May 31, 2009


A girl at work made this for the baby

Saturday, May 23, 2009

saturday morning joyride

bambi..there were wildflowers all around.. you cant really see them in this pic. :(
My Dad will just love this ROver!

ROver from the back, not as great of a shot

Orting Teriyaki shack

Country side

Rhubarb in BLOOM

This is that greenhouse in Orting I LOVE.. finally got some pics

Orting greenhouse


Friday, May 22, 2009

Garden pictures

baby voodoo lilies
snapdragons - my favorite
Front circle garden under the pink dogwood tree
There's all kinds of good stuff in here!
Much of which I have forgotten what it's called! lots of it hasnt bloomed yet
There is a mouse plant, I will take a pic of the flower when it comes, its supposed to look like a little mouse!
There are several rosie companions which i transplanted from the iris bed.
Columbines, bleeding hearts (the big ones) delphiniums.
Jack in the pulpit (not blooming yet), Solomons seal, hostas verigated grasses and a few special ferns.
Then about 5 things I have forgotten the name of! I dont like leaving the tags in there for the way they look, but then a year goes by and I dont know what stuff is called! Although it's kind of cool when stuff comes up and you're like "oh yeah! I forgot I put that there!"
front garden w dogwood
We have more trees in our yard than most everybody on the block. Our next door neighbor has none, and tries to get us to cut down both the beautiful spruce and locust tree. I love them both! as well as the dogwoods.. they keep our front grass green in the summer (okay front moss) and give the house shade and are just lovely to look at. I dont strive for the 'clear cut' and perfect lawn look.

pale yellow columbine.. just watered

front garden

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today is a glorious and beautiful day in Washington! Sunshine and warm and breezy. Perfect.
Check out half of the back yard at 7am today.. view from our room.
We met our new doctor today, who is SO sweet and has a peaceful, calming presence. I can't say how much weight this takes off my mind. (My last doctor was NOT a nice person - luckily she quit the practice and I had to change docs. @ 8months in) The baby is scheduled for July - 1st a wonderful day to be born! at 39 weeks. (just 41 days away)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. - Japanese Proverb

Victory for day dreamers!

SO this morning on talk radio they reported a study done on people who consistently day dream.

They found that day dreamers brains are significantly more active that non day dreaming folk. and Their problem solving ability is dramatically improved!
SO... people who are day dreaming while at work or school are keeping their brains fresh, hydrated and ready for action. YES! Vindicated.
For someone who has forever been accused of day dreaming, spacing out, day tripping.. at last I have my excuse!
I am not attention deficient!
I am not a space cadet!
I am not somehow inherently flawed.
Im a well oiled, problem solving machine. HA! (I suspected it all along.)
So, in the immortal words of Aerosmith "Dream On" and do it without shame!

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." - Edgar Allan Poe

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New pics

So I got my other camera to upload pics to the laptop finally, so some of the following pics are a couple months old.

Sherpa, Cameron and Papa workin on the Lima Bean

Swan Creek Hike - February

Trees holding hands

Im bringing up the rear as usual! thats Cam and Sherpa up there.

Funky weird hang out back in the woods = some artistic folks have been here!

Big ferny tree


Roman is his around the house gear.
Roman in the wool suit Papa (grandpa) gave him. Very spif lookin'
And a smile!
This was the outfit he wore for a career shadow day with some former microsoft mogul who had started his own company. He is now absolutely positive that being the head guy is a good thing.

Some winter pics i missed

First we had floods! This is a picture of the loading doc behind Safeway.. the Puyallup River jumped it's banks this year. Some locals took the opportunity to drive their wanna be 'monster trucks' through the puddles. Below, Cameron and Roman watch one truck who commited, then realized how deep it was getting and proceeded VERY slowly... the guy behind him blew through the puddle and made waves in the parking lot.
Then there were several snow storms. I LOVED all the snow this year!! woohoo! I have never grown out of the love for snow days, even though i usually don't get out of working now that Im a grown up.. just driving to work becomes a snow white adventure!
My front yard 'snowbear' (?)
Snow on our street
We go to this weird christmas tree lot in South Tacoma (Cameron is tying the tree down here.) It's in a 'bad' part of town. We used to go to the mountains with Thermoses of cocoa and cut our own, but this year and last i didnt have time to get up to the ranger station!
The store attached to this lot is filled with real characters, who smoke inside the store, and sell every weird thing you can imagine. You can get a noble fir for 15 bucks! Compared to Bellevue prices of 60-75 bucks!
A couple weeks before Christmas the local fire department decorates their oldest truck and drives down almost every street with firefighters and their families throwing out candy canes and playing christmas music over loudspeakers! ALMOST as good as the Christmas ships we had growing up. Sherpa was being shy this year and stayed near the front door, and some dedicated little kid (about 7) ran all the way into our yard and up to him to make sure he got a candy cane! So cute. I was inside when I heard Christmas music outside.. I almost tripped and fell on my face in my hurry to get out the door to see the truck! I feel the same way about christmas ships (or firetrucks) as I do about SNOW!

January roadtrip

Light house at Westport
Beach grass at ocean

Bones! in he reeds by the salt flats
Crazy storefront window in Aberdeen

January RoadTrip to the Coast, Westport, Aberdeen and Pac Ocean

Cool old motel
Nice beach pic
Old root on beach
Crazy flying saucer at nearby shop
Westport Marina
Crazy Gee Gaw cowboy in Aberdeen
Crab boat at Westport - we stopped at a restaurant called the one eyed crab at the coast...and got crab.. OMG! It was so dinky! About the size we used to throw back for being too small when I was young. My grandpa used to have a crab boat and we would go stay at their house on Friday Island (brown island) in Friday Harbor and have the most delicious crab feasts with crab fresh off the boat. spoiled me forever.
Ocean Spray cranberry grower - we drove by 3 of these fields before i could figure out why the dirt was purple!! the cranberrys grow low in bogs - super cool

January roadtrip - the driver