Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Day 2 of walking the parking levels

ANother Kansas pic

Ode likes to pull his socks off

This week in Odes world!
it's been an exciting one..

He rolled over for the first time with help (which i got filmed) - then 2 hours later rolled over without help! (which i did not catch on film!)
YAY! He was very pleased with himself.

Ode turns 6 months old today!

Ode ate his first round of squash yesterday! His first food besides cereal! He liked it!
Ode's first tooth poked through yesterday!
WOw a whole week of firsts!

His brain seems to be developing at HIGH speed! suddenly he is interested in things he never cared about before, last night when i came home and said Hi to him he showed Genuine excitement! (he usually gives me a shy grin) but last night he was in his exersaucer and he stood up bolt straight and grinned and shook his arms at me! It was so SO CUTE!@ i almost cried.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

mind set

i read somewhere a long time ago that a lion subsists entirely on perserverance, it almost never kills the first prey it makes an attempt on, it must try over and over and over again before it finally catches something and is able to eat.

perserverance is also known as 'joyous effort' in some lines of thinking

i like the thought of a lion making joyous effort towards life

That's It..

So today was the cutoff day.
All excuses, wishful thinking and everything else aside...

Despite 6 months passing,
and history..

the 'baby weight' has not come off this almost 40 year old body as quickly or gracefully as I had hoped.

SO today I begin another angle
the HARD way


I figured out that I can access the gym downstairs with my keypass.. now I just have to convince myself to have the nuts to walk in there and actually start working out

im chicken

i keep visualizing all the jiggling and wiggling that's going to occur when i plonk my oversized behind onto a treadmill

(i shudder at the thought of this being a public event)

but the fact is, I have no OTHER time in my day to work out
i leave home at 7 and get home at 7 and all my time goes to looking at the kiddo when im home

i never take a lunch break at work

so now i am going to hafta take a work out break or face the rest of my life as super fat, out of shape

crap again

im so embarassed to walk in there.. to the gym

so today i honored my cutoff date by taking the elevator to the bottom floor of the parking garage and walking UP 5 levels of roundy round garage.. twice (it almost killed me)
somehow this feels like a more private way of gettin er done that walking into the gym - even though anyone driving through there can see me huffing and puffing my way to level p1!! (snort - as my cousin would say)

i ate celery and salmon patties for lunch and drank water

and Im talking to myself all the way
you can do it
get your a55 in that gym and quit being a big baby

1 more hour and i will drag my pahtootie to the parking garage again
a cutoff day is a cutoff day


here's to hoping i will get over myself tomorrow and walk into the gym (shudderz)

god i cant wait to wear real clothes again though

More pics from ROmans trip to Kansas

These are the horses Roman rode while visiting Chanute Ks
The Gent who owns them apparently gets them from catching them they are not totally broken (?) (I didnt know they even had horses that roamed the plains still?)
Roman has ridden a horse before, but his experience has been limited to and I quote.."the fat, slow super mellow horses they have at horse camp, the ones who look like they're pregnant and dont even notice you got on them." (this is also the extent of MY horse experience)
Roman hopped on one of these here Kansas, semi wild horses, and it took off into the sunset with him!!
very exciting..
or in ROmans words "holy cr@p"

(Post script: As the parent of the aforementioned kid in this story,
said kid being a bit of a 'handful' over the last few years.
i have to own up to a certain feeling of deep gratification after hearing this story;
where said 'wild child' gets the living tweedle scared out of him by a true wild being

and is thereby,
if only ever-so-slightly


in the presence of true wildness.

put neatly in his place - if you will.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The kiddos

Clockwise: Ode 6mos, Cameron 21, Roman 18, and big sis - Enjoli 23

Cam's new old rat rod

It's a 1963 AMC Rambler
Its extra low.. 3 coils've been cut out of the springs - see below, it barely comes to his knees!!!

it reads...Stucky's Auto Service Getting away with it since 1947

the wheels are powder-coated red

He brought it by work to show me after they picked it up in Mt Vernon

super cool!

the guys hanging out in the parking circle at my wrk.. talkin shop..
ha ha

Sunday, December 27, 2009

sweetie bird

Roman engraves

Roman has yet to pay off his new car, or license it, so it sits in the backyard in parental enforced impound.. we start it every once in a while
he got new tools for Christmas.. and his very own toolbox
(this has become something of a tradition for an 18 year old christmas in our house)
to own a car you should be able to work on a car
(or know someone who does in my case) hee hee
(hey I changed my own oil, tires etc for years and fixed a transmission once!)
Roman was not THRILLED about the tools
but he did decide to mark them w his initials to keep them apart from the other tools (of which there are many in our house.)
i think they grew on him while he engraved them too.


my cousin sent me these earrings !!! BEEEautiful!
she is so talented

i LOVE getting packages from her n the mail

Thank YOU!

Romans kansas Pic - snow

miles n miles

coffee first

after Ode is all set and ready

remnants of gardening

and he's asleep as soon as the car starts
some days it feels like we're a band of Gypsies.. travelling the road .. we need to move further North and into the hills
so we dont have to travel so much

half awake

tiger mt summit

drop Cam at work


Pick up Roman - whose back from his trip from Kansas.. he had a bumpy ride landing in SeaTac today and caught the tail of the blizzard going on in the midwest - they got the tractor stuck in the snow and had to get towed out by a neighbor w a bigger tractor!
He had lots of stories

snoqualmie version of a mobile home

my new signature smell LAUNDROMAT
see Demeter fragrances pr CB I hate perfume..
My friend Cathy told me about this and its awesome!! she is a smell connoisseur

you know the smell when you walk past the dryer vent when the dryer is on? the smell of clean warm laundry... thats what it smells like..

hee hee - he got a old of the camea and took a self portrait

cool sculpture

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ode - no more pictures please

Eating the hood string off Camerons new jacket

listening to his brother